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Prescription Review
Carlisle and Associates Prescription Review program ensures that prescribed medications are appropriate, medically necessary, and economically beneficial. The Prescription Review is conducted by a Carlisle licensed pharmacist and is based on a structured and thorough review of an injured workers' current medications as well as their entire medical history to achieve appropriate therapeutic decision-making and positive patient outcomes while also reducing costs. The review includes:

  • Generic alternatives when brand name medications are prescribed
  • Evaluation for possible duplication of drug therapy
  • Recommendations for improvements of drug therapy for physician consideration
  • Evaluation for determining appropriateness of drug therapy in relation to worker's injury
  • An option for a consultation with the treating physician by a Carlisle Case Manager to review recommendations

Have more questions about Prescription Review services? Contact us at 1-800-960-1118

Note: Prescription Reviews are performed by a PharmD, based upon the record of prescriptions filled. It is intended as an aid to the efficient and effective use of pharmaceuticals and is not intended as a medical diagnosis or to alter the course of treatment prescribed by the treating physician(s).
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