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Carlisle Medical Pharmacy News – E-Prescribing Service Now Expanded
Released: 08/19/2015
By: Carl Richie, Pharmacy Director

Carlisle Medical’s e-scribing service has now been expanded to receive Schedule II prescriptions electronically. Our e-prescribing program meets all DEA regulations and has the ability to receive prescriptions for Schedule II, III, IV and V medications electronically.

E-Prescribing is a significant time saver for physicians, as they are able to electronically send their prescriptions from their handheld tablets or computers directly to the Carlisle Medical pharmacy. E-Prescribing also eliminates any incorrect translation of handwritten prescriptions. E-Prescribing also benefits the treating patient as it saves time and adds convenience in filling prescriptions for their approved injury.

To utilize this service, the physician must be registered with an E-Prescribing vendor and have access to the software. Carlisle Medical’s e-scribing service is another example of saving time and cost for our clients, while providing the highest quality products and services to the injured worker.

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