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Prominent Figure Victim of Domestic Violence
Released: 03/16/2020
By: Carlisle Medical

Amie Harwick - A Prominent Figure Victim of Domestic Violence

In the early hours of February 15th, notable Hollywood therapist and author Amie Harwick died from blunt-force trauma sustained after an attack from her ex-boyfriend, Gareth Pursehouse. Authorities reported evidence of strangulation and alleged that he threw her off of the third-story balcony, where they discovered her on the ground close to death. Shortly after at the hospital, she died; she was 38.

Harwick had a restraining order on Pursehouse until two weeks prior when it expired. Pursehouse was repeatedly accused of stalking her and breaking into her apartment. Further allegations Harwick presented for the restraining orders included choking, punching, kicking, shoving, suffocation, and more detailed incidents such as being pushed out of a car on an off-ramp and stealing her photo albums and computer.

The relationship between the two ended years earlier and restraining orders with extensions were in effect for years. She saw Pursehouse at an event shortly before her murder and was visibly in distress, according to friends. Reports show that Pursehouse was acting erratically, screaming at her and that she was in fear. Again, she was afraid of the possibilities of her abuser.

The recent incident of her death and the mountain of signs leading up to it, leave friends and loved ones believing the system let her down. She began sharing her phone location with friends and buying mace to keep in every room. Being an educated therapist, she took precautions that she would advise clients to take, but it wasn’t enough. When the restraining order ended, her life ended.

One great precaution opportunity for those in abusive relationships in Mobile and surrounding areas is Penelope House. Mobile’s Penelope House has been a haven for countless women and children. It was founded in 1979, and the current facility can house up to 50 mothers and their children, but no one is turned away. They offer shelter, transportation, support groups, programs for children, and other essential needs such as a 24-hour crisis line.

Shocking deaths like this one put a spotlight on domestic violence, but it’s no rare occurrence even today. One in four women will receive physical abuse from a partner in their lifetime, which makes the refuge of Penelope House so important. Volunteer your time, donate money, visit their website to see their urgent supply needs and donate clothes to Penelope’s Closet. Help them educate women who feel they have nowhere to turn.

The damage that domestic abuse inflicts to a family is devastating and can be fatal. Things have evolved from the days when the center opened in the 70s. Abusive husbands were rarely arrested, and domestic violence was considered a private matter. The major battle is getting people to report their abusers and removing those people from their life as soon as possible.

In life, Amie Harwick wanted to encourage people, notably women. She strived to help them achieve insight and support in their relationships and love themselves by staying away from unhealthy people to them. Her legacy will live on through the knowledge and inspiration she shared. Three days before her life was taken she stated on social media, “Moving on, moving forward, and taking care of yourself after the end of a relationship often means accepting that you may not have the ideal closure. Making peace with this takes time.” As for Amie’s death, making peace with it will certainly take time.

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office has arrested Pursehouse with a no-bail warrant. He’s been charged with murder. If convicted, he faces life in prison without the possibility of parole or the death penalty.

Read the full article at:

Learn more about National Coalition Against Domestic Violence here.

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Carlisle Presents to Penelope House
Released: 12/18/2019
By: Carlisle Medical

Mr. Carlisle giving the 2019 donation check

The Carlisle Companies has been a contributor to the Penelope House,, for the last ten years. Carlisle does multiple raffles, gift baskets and fundraisers throughout the year to collect monies for the cause and support of Penelope House. The mission of Penelope House is “to provide safety, protection, and support to the victims of Domestic Violence and their children through the provision shelter, advocacy, and individual and community education”.

Carlisle’s staff was able to raise $7,500 over this current year. Donnie and Deborah Carlisle matched the amount raised and a check for $15,000 was presented to the Board members and Tonie Ann Torrans, Executive Director of Penelope House.

“We are just getting started for this great cause,” stated Donnie.

A special thank you to all of the employees with the Carlisle Companies, the Carlisle Fundraising Committee and sponsors who helped make this year’s donation possible.

The Carlisle Companies are proud to support Penelope House. To read more about this program please visit

Be on the lookout for future raffles being offered by Carlisle, should you choose to participate for this great cause.

2019 Penelope House Board Members receiving the check from Mr. Carlisle

2019 Penelope House Board Members


The 2019 Carlisle Medical Fundraising Committee

2019 Carlisle Medical Fundraising Committee


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Please join us in increasing awareness this month for Domestic Violence Awa
Released: 10/15/2019
By: Carlisle Medical

Please join us in increasing awareness this month for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Numerous studies have shown that children are often the unintended victims of intimate-partner violence in the home. There is a 45% to 60% chance of co-occurring child abuse in homes where children are exposed to violence between intimate partners. This rate is 15 times higher than the average among children who are victims of child abuse. [1] Repeated exposure to domestic violence can have lasting consequences that leave children with a host of extra baggage to carry, taking an extraordinary toll on their lives. These children often experience an array of side effects, including, but not limited to, fear of harm or abandonment, excessive worry or sadness, emotional distancing, shame, the inability to feel empathy, difficulty maintaining relationships, low self-esteem, destructive behavior, depression, suicidal tendencies, bed-wetting, and aggression. [2] [3]
A lack of empathy for others is frequently at the core of those who bully, destroy property, and commit animal cruelty.

The effects of domestic violence on the young, formative minds of children “makes them susceptible to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which can result in anatomical and physiological alterations in their brain structure, with subsequent personal and social consequences.” PTSD is a serious condition with multiple symptoms, “that are generally grouped into four types: intrusive memories, avoidance, negative changes in thinking and mood, and changes in physical and emotional reactions.”[3] While space prohibits us from exploring in detail the psychological issues associated within each of these areas, they are very much worth exploring.  Symptoms of PTSD can make daily life extra burdensome for anyone, especially for young children who are faced with the daily challenges of school work and fitting in with peers. Rather than being carefree and enjoying childhood, many of them are terrified about what may happen next. Sadly, domestic violence is often cyclic, carried from one generation to the next. One study found that up to 40% of chronically violent teenagers have been exposed to extreme violence. [4]

Because there is a component of shame, and a fear of reprisal, associated with domestic violence, its victims often suffer in the shadows, forced to deal with the emotional turmoil on their own, children being the most helpless of all.  The Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign provides a platform to bring this tragic issue out of the shadows and into the light. By discussing and sharing information we may very well lead someone, perhaps a child, out of the darkness and into the light.


The National Domestic Violence HOTLINE:

1-800-799-7233 | 1-800-787-3224 (TTY) En Espanol

[1] [2]
[3] [4]


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Charged With Murder Hours After Bail
Released: 05/23/2019
By: hummingbird

Samuel Lee Scott, 54, of Saint Louis, Mo., was arrested for domestic assault, a misdemeanor, after allegedly hitting his wife, Marcia Johnson and causing injuries to her face, ear and cheek bone. Scott was released from jail on a bond posted by the non-profit national organization Bail Project.

The evening following his release from jail, Scott allegedly went to Johnson’s home, and according to the office of the District Attorney of St. Louis, he assaulted her again. This time the injuries were more severe, as she suffered a broken eye socket, broken ribs and “bruises from head to toe.” Marcia Johnson died five days later.

This tragic tale of domestic violence could have been avoided if Marcia was aware of the devastating statistics regarding the likelihood of repeat or recidivist behavior by Scott, and more importantly if she sought refuge at Penelope House.

There has been much finger pointing between the St. Louis District Attorney’s Office and the St. Louis Bail Project. None of this is any help to Marcia Johnson but there is help for the millions of women in similar situations. Penelope House offers a real solution to women in relationships with physically abusive men.

The Bail Project is a national organization founded by Robin Steinberg, a Gilbert Foundation Senior Fellow of the Criminal Justice Program at UCLA’s School of Law, with 13 offices around the country. The District Attorney of St. Louis, Kim Gardner, announced plans to meet with the nonprofit, “to review their policies and practices to help them better understand the risks to victims and witnesses when posting bail for any type of domestic violence case or defendants who are a potential safety risk to an individual or their community.”

Let’s hope they meet and reach a consensus to avoid similar tragedies, but your support of Penelope House is an answer for women caught in the revolving door of fear, intimidation and physical violence that is domestic abuse.

Mobile’s Penelope House was founded in 1979 and the very busy current facility can house up to 50 mothers and their children, but no one is turned away. Tonie Ann Torrans who took over for her mother and now runs the Mobile location, refers to the property as “Fort Knox”. Things have evolved from the days when her mother began, and abusive husbands were essentially never arrested and domestic violence was considered a private matter.

If your average citizen knew how costly and expensive this issue is for every level of government, there might be more money available to protect and educate women who feel they have nowhere to turn. Nearly 1 in 3 adult women are assaulted by their husband or partners. Of the 6 million women physically assaulted, 4000 are killed each year. Only 1 in 4 incidents is ever reported and this is the real problem because people are hesitant to cause trouble or legal problems for their spouse. The damage this does to American families is devastating and sometimes fatal. Despite the genuine cooperation of law enforcement and the more recent awareness of the emotional and fiscal costliness of the problem, Penelope House can always use volunteers and donations.

Volunteer your services or donate money. Penelope House is a refuge and a new start for people who only a few years ago could not see past their most recent bruised and swollen eye.


Read the full article at:


Learn more about National Coalition Against Domestic Violence here.

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